Five minutes of fame…?

Five minutes of fame…?


Wanted: senior Shropshire business people prepared to give us an informal, but informative insight into their busy lives by taking part in Shropshire Business Today’s new ‘Five Minutes With…’ series.

It’s a quick-fire list of 10 questions, giving those in positions of power to share their likes, dislikes, hopes and fears. What makes you smile? What keeps you awake at night? What’s your proudest achievement in business, and why?

We want to know how bosses think they are viewed by their staff; whether they would do anything differently if they could have the earlier part of their career again; and what kind of secrets they’re prepared to divulge, that few outside their closest circle of friends would know.

We’ll be printing the best of them in the Shropshire Business Today magazine, and many more online.

Go on, give it a go . . .

Five Minutes With . . . download the questionnaire here