Five Minutes With . . Philip Robinson

Five Minutes With . . Philip Robinson


Philip Robinson is residential agency manager at Berrys chartered surveyors, valuers, property and business consultants and chartered town planners, based on Shrewsbury Business Park. He has been in the role for around eight months.

Describe your current job, in one sentence. A Residential Property Agent finding buyers for house owners in Shropshire and working closely with solicitors to deliver a hassle free sale.

What is your proudest achievement? Either receiving an Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Country teams of Spain and Portugal whilst working for a global company, Or completing the North Route of the Way of St. James pilgrimage in 40 days.  800km+ across northern Spain on foot carrying everything that I needed – a life enriching experience.

Phil Robinson BERRYSAnd the most difficult challenge you’ve had to overcome? Gaining sufficient fluency in a foreign language to manage a Spanish team and conduct business at senior level.

Explain some of the big issues in your industry right now? A likely rise in interest rates, a general election and the continuing effects of the Mortgage Market Review.  Having said that, we are looking ahead to 2015 with optimism.

What are the best, and worst aspects of your job? I get to meet some very interesting people and see inside many fantastic houses in the beautiful Shropshire countryside.  As regards the worst aspects, ask me again after a very cold, wet winter.

What makes you smile, and what keeps you awake at night? It is hugely rewarding to help people move homes and feel their excitement.  The local fox has kept me awake at night on occasions – does that count?

How do you think your colleagues would describe you? A supportive leader who is determined and impatient to reach our goals.

If you could go back 10 years, what would you do differently? Plan to move back to Shropshire earlier than I did.

How do you chill out and relax after a busy day? Annoy the dog and share a meal with the wife – I did get that the right way round, didn’t I?

Tell us something about you, that people probably wouldn’t know? Many years ago, I won Gold Medals in the West Midlands Under 18 Epee Championships and also in the British Polytechnics Championships.