Five Minutes With . . Rachel Wood

Five Minutes With . . Rachel Wood


Rachel Wood is a solicitor and director of Shropshire law firm Terry Jones. She has been with the company for 13 years.

Describe your current job, in one sentence. I am a Solicitor and Director of Terry Jones Solicitors, specialising in the drafting of Wills and the Administration of Estates.

Rachel_Wood_15What is your proudest achievement? Qualifying as a Solicitor and latterly being appointed as a Director

And the most difficult challenge you’ve had to overcome? Trying to balance home and work life; a constant challenge faced by many working mothers.

Explain some of the big issues in your industry right now? Like everyone the Legal Profession was affected by the economic downturn and this combined with the cuts to public funding has caused financial difficulty for a number of firms.  As a company, with careful planning, we have been able to recover and move forward. In July 2014 we opened an office in Bridgnorth, my home town, to complement the services that we offer to our clients at our offices in Shrewsbury, Telford and Newport. Terry Jones Solicitors has a large residential and commercial property department and it is hoped that the recent budget announcement regarding the lowering of stamp duty upon house purchases will continue to add to the buoyance of the housing market.

What are the best, and worst aspects of your job? Worst: I often meet people at the most difficult times of their lives; when they have lost a loved one.

Best: I find it rewarding to be able to guide and assist my clients through this difficult time in a compassionate, efficient and professional manner.

What makes you smile, and what keeps you awake at night? My children; My children!

How do you think your colleagues would describe you? Professional, Approachable, Trustworthy, Caring and Compassionate.

If you could go back 10 years, what would you do differently? My job has highlighted that life is too short for regrets and ‘what if’s’. Nobody knows what the future holds so I have a positive attitude and look forward. I am proud of my achievements over the last ten years and wouldn’t choose to do anything different.

How do you chill out and relax after a busy day? I enjoy spending time with my husband and two young sons.

Tell us something about you, that people probably wouldn’t know? I can no longer watch “Grand Designs”. We are renovating our home, which we bought over two years ago….we are almost finished!