Record number of start-ups in the Telford area

Record number of start-ups in the Telford area


A record number of new companies started up in Telford & Wrekin last year – a clear demonstration that the borough is one of the best places to do business in the UK.

That’s the view of Karen Whitehead, of KEW Accountants and Tax Advisors in Telford, who said more new businesses came to her for advice last year than ever before.

Karen’s figures are backed up by statistics issued by Start-up Britain, which showed that 972 new businesses were registered in Telford & Wrekin in 2014 compared to 933 the previous year.

Karen said Telford & Wrekin Council and organisations like the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce deserved great credit for making Telford an attractive place for businesses.

She said: “Telford is an excellent place to start a business, and a good proportion of our new clients in the past year have been start-ups.

“There are lots of great places where new businesses can get established, such as the Business Development Centre in Stafford Park where we are based.

“The Shropshire Chamber of Commerce does a great job of supporting businesses too, which is a big help and makes Telford a very fertile place for entrepreneurs.

“I would say it must be up there with the best places to do business in the country.”

Miss Whitehead set up her own business, KEW Accountants and Tax Advisors, in April last year and during the past year, she has taken on two members of staff and seen her client list grow to 240.

She said: “I have been an accountant for 27 years but decided to set up on my own last year and it has been a fantastic experience.

“One of the most satisfying parts of my job is to help people just starting out in business, and I’m pleased to say a large proportion of my new clients over the past year have been start-ups.

“One of the biggest pieces of advice I could give to anyone thinking of starting a business is to see an accountant before you set your company up because it’s important to get the right foundations in place from the start.

“For example, we get people who have set up a limited company when it wasn’t the best vehicle for them and it is then much more complicated to unwind.

“An accountant can advise you on what type of business vehicle is best for you, to ensure you get the most out of it and don’t end up with too much tax liability or any other financial complications.”